WordPress has emerged out as one of the most preferred platform when it comes to any kind of website development. More than 24% of websites across the globe are made using WordPress. There are lots of solid reasons for the popularity of this incredible Content management system.

There are two major factors that made this CMS so productive. One of them is it offers ease of customization and second is availability of the range of some outstanding plug-in in order to enhance features in your website.

What is WordPress Plug-in?

Wordress plug-in is made by small codes which can be integrated along with your wordpress theme. The main purpose of plug-ins is to enhance the functionality of your website as per your requirements. There are thousands of WordPress plug-ins are available on web and they can be easily installed to accessed in your website whenever you need. Moreover, If you want any unique plug-in especially made by forcing your business structure and targeted audience, you have to go for wordpress plug-in development service to fulfill your niche requirements.


Our services in Plug-in Development

We cater inclusive range of WordPress plug-in development services along with effective and seamless CMS development. Some of our major services are as below:


Our company is loaded with outstanding talents to assist your with custom WordPress Plug-in Development solutions that allow you to streamline plenty of cumbersome activities and save your valuable time, energy and resources.

Why choose us?

Being a leader for delivering end-to-end WordPress solutions with more than 7 years experience, Bhutiya Tech Lab announced an innovative WordPress plug-in development service considering client’s business requirements. We have ability to build magnificent and plug-ins which allow you to upgrade your websites’ functionalities and features instantly and run your business without any hassle and worry.

We have dedicated and qualified team of WordPress plug-in developers who are expert to build dynamic, user-friendly and fully scalable WordPress plugging. Moreover, our developed plug-ins is well-tested for compatibility in latest WP versions.

One of the solid proofs for best quality of our developed plug-in is that they gain lots of positive reviews and response from our precious clients as they have lots of awesome features to offer. We have already completed more than 150 WordPress plug-in development projects and produced feature-rich plug-in that meet our clients’ requirements and obtain top most position over their competitors.

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